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ABOUT US - Our Goal: To inspire others to BE MIGHTY and go for their dreams.

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The BE MIGHTY project:

When Terrence started out he kept fortune cookies (with favorable predictions) taped to his computer monitor as way to motivate himself everyday. In May of 2015 he began the BE MIGHTY street art project on his birthday as a way of spreading some inspiration and motivation into the streets and neighborhoods of NYC.

Each flyer that had 10 tabs of inspirational or motivational phrases that could be torn off by passers by. Every week the flyers are updated with new quotes. Each flyer can be downloaded on the BE MIGHTY project website shared on social media with the #BEMIGHTY on Instagram @bemighty.


The goal of the project is to spread inspiration to anyone in need of a positive message to; just keep trying, hang in there a little longer, stay strong and BE MIGHTY! We all need a little encouragement once in awhile weather we are setting goals or being challenged by life itself.

The BE MIGHTY message is a rallying cry for all the dreamers, revolutionaries and visionaries out there as well as the shy, meek and humble that just need a nudge and acknowledgement that they too can go for their dreams!

Our Story:

Dynomighty began with an investment of $300 by an NYC based artist, Terrence Kelleman, who invented a link-less magnetic bracelet from discarded items he found in the trash. His first sales began coincidentally during an exhibition of his performance art where he had left samples with the receptionist of the gallery. The swift sales of the bracelet convinced Terrence to take a shot and launch Dynomighty as his one opportunity to start a business and escape the 9-to-5 life he was living to support his art. 

Leaving the certainty of a day job pushed him to invent more products and experiment in any way possible to better sell, market and distribute his fledgeling product concepts. Taking advantage of the then recent ability to embed his YouTube videos on the site he created his first video in November of 2006. In one month the Magnetic Bracelet Video became a viral hit after being featured on the main page of YouTube launching the company into international recognition. 

The Dynomighty Story is an example for others who seek to broaden their own horizons, challenge their own comfort zones and who intuitively feel a need to BE MIGHTY!

What makes us different:

We seek out innovative and creative solutions for all areas of our business. We remain as innovative today as the day Dynomighty was founded. 

We’ve become an inspiring story for others to follow as an example of what you can do if you go for it. The reason for our continued success lies in the open, collaborative environment we foster here. We crave ideas & innovation, and the best way to harvest those ideas is by sharing and listening to those around us. 

 We are a pioneer in online marketing, Dynomighty has been a case study of YouTube for being one of the first to use the format for creative low-cost marketing. Later, Google TV Ads recognized Dynomighty for our effective TV Ad campaigns that were the first consumer products in the US to use a Call-to-Action QR Code in a TV Ad

We believe that it's not what you know, but how fast you can learn and your willingness to adapt to change that will make you successful.

The Mighty Wallet

We are the Original, the Mighty Wallet was designed by Terrence Kelleman in 2005, and has spawned an entire new genre of wallet made with DuPont™ Tyvek® fabric around the world. The Mighty Wallet was the first ever wallet made with DuPont™ Tyvek®, folded entirely out of a single sheet it even improves upon a standard leather wallet with its stitchless design. 

Artist Collective

Since the launch of Artist Collective in 2013 we have given out over $70,611 to independent artists around the globe. To increase this number, twice a year we will produce selected Artist Collective designs as part of the full mighty wallet line that is carried by retailers around the world.

This is HUGE exposure, not to mention it is on the amazing mighty wallet which is seen daily through everyday interactions. 

If you or someone you know would like to join Artist Collective we encourage you to do so. It is simple to sign up, and once approved you can begin uploading your art immediately. Upload your designs and you will be included in our next induction round! 

If you are not an artist you can still support independent art by shopping Artist Collective for your next mighty wallet.

Join the Mighty Team

We’ve become an inspiring story of the American dream, and now one of the fastest growing companies in the US two years in a row. If you love a small vibrant work environment that encourages growth and learning by sharing and listening to those around us. 

Dynomighty embraces its motto to "Be Mighty!" We're looking for dynamic, outgoing and conscientious individuals who are willing to roll up their sleeves in a collaborative, friendly but hardworking environment. If you feel you demonstrate the qualities we are looking for, we encourage you to send in your bonafides. If you’re just looking for “a job”, go to

To see a list of current openings; VIEW JOBS HERE


Internships are available year-round at Dynomighty Design for young, creative individuals with an ambition to learn all the operational and creative aspects of a vibrant creative workplace. Please send resumes and dates of availability to If your availability is further off or there are no current positions relevant to your expertise, we will certainly keep in touch with any upcoming opportunities.

To see a list of current openings; VIEW OPENINGS HERE

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