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! Emanations !

" ElectricX "

"Blood" Red Tapestry

A Red Wilderness

A Sea of Love (purple)

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A Vintage Memory

Abbey the Chihuahua #1

Abbey the Chihuahua #2

Dog Club

Dog Motif

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36-15 Desire

4 COLORS Wallet


5th ring of Sochi 2014

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"Retail is......SCARY!"

'Twas the Day After Turkey

A Bit of a Bind

Amongst Us!

Bananarchy in the UK

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" Blue Barbed Wire "

" Take that Mr. Ferrari!"

*:Star Night, Star Bright


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"Breathe" Mural Wallet

A Sign Of The Times

Abstract Panda Portrait


Amsterdam Girl

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"Laughing" Shadow

"Tribal" Dragons

"We Bring You Peace"

1 symbolic


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A Great Composition

Alice Cooper

Alternative Rock

America Rocks!

Astra Zero : Black Kiss

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"Al S. Dee"

"Bahama Afternoon"



"Diamond Sky 1"

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" Reds of Fall "


1115 Euros

1974 Worlds Fair tent

1974 worlds fair tent

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( ・_・)ノ⌒●~* Bomb


(╯°□°)╯︵ Table

3d Weed Leaf


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