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About the Artist Collective.

Independent artist designs are printed onto the Mighty Wallet through our high-quality print process here in Brooklyn creating a platform for self-expression. Each wallet is individually printed to exacting standards without sacrificing the durability of the print or the quality of the image.The Mighty Wallet has always been a force for change, and now it is a platform for other artists and designers to spread their creativity around the globe.

Think of it as individualized art for your pocket and your life. Support great indie artists while beautifying your world with the amazing creations of Artist Collective each meticulously printed in our own lab that brings light manufacturing back to Brooklyn.



Design Roll-Call

Since the launch of Artist Collective in 2013 we have given out over $70,611 to independent artists around the globe. To increase this number, twice a year we will produce 10 Artist Collective designs as part of the full mighty wallet line that is carried by retailers in over 60 countries.

This is HUGE exposure, not to mention it is on the amazing mighty wallet which is seen daily through everyday interactions.If you or someone you know would like to join Artist Collective we encourage you to do so. It is simple to sign up, and once approved you can begin uploading your art immediately.

Upload your designs and you will be included in our next induction round! If you are not an artist you can still support independent art by shopping Artist Collective for your next mighty wallet.


Promote yourself

Self-promotion is not always the easiest so we aim to help out with the added social media share buttons. Just click the button that is best for you, or click them all, and a pre-scripted message will pop-up for you to share with your fans. Of course you can change that message, write your own, or just click send.

The more you share, the more fans that see it, the more they buy your design, the more you make. The more people that know about your work, the more the world will be exposed to your creativity, the more creativity we have in the world the better. Promoting isn't easy, but there is more to it that just shameless self-promotion, look at it as a way to give others the opportunity to express themselves through your designs.

Art-re-preneur opens his canvas to the world

Ten years ago when Artist Terrence Kelleman had an idea for a product while sifting through the trash in the MoMA Retail offices he never could have imagined he was about to launch a business that would become one of the fastest growing companies the US.

Developing the idea from the scraps while sitting at his desk, he launched Dynomighty with only $300 dollars. Today Dynomighty is sold in over 60 countries worldwide and to over 1800 stores in the US and is one of the fastest growing company in the US.

Dynomighty's motto is "Be Mighty" and is meant to encourage other artists, entrepreneurs and dreamers to go for their dreams. We encourage everyone to take a chance, go for it, see what happens "Be Mighty!".

Terrence started Dynomighty when he was still a struggling artist and he had to make a choice between following his art or taking a chance on being an entrepreneur.

Terrence has since returned to making his fine art while continuing to lead Dynomighty into the next chapter of it's future with the goal to "democratize the canvas of the Mighty Wallet".

The Artist Collective is the biggest effort we have ever made to enable personal expression through our products while encouraging everyone to Be Mighty!

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