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815627013896 Sriracha Billfold

Sriracha Billfold

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Officially licensed Sriracha Dynomighty Billfold. Spice things up with this tasty billfold.

The new alternative to the standard old leather wallet.

Utilizing a classic leather wallet configuration with the unique benefits of Tyvek® to make a wallet that is thinner, lighter, and stronger than a regular leather wallet.

The incredible durability of the material which is created by thousands of interlocking randomly spun fibers 50 times smaller than a human hair.

Each Dynomighty Billfold has a large pocket for cash and many of the standard leather wallet compartments and storage areas.

Step up to the new alternative to leather and see why the Dynomighty Billfold is engineered to be thinner, lighter, and stronger for a better wallet, for a better you and for a better planet.

The stitched construction is of the best quality ensuring you a long life of use with your Dynomighty Billfold.


BF-013    UPC: 815627013896

+ 1 large pocket for cash and receipts.

+ 6 credit card pockets.

+ open - 8.75" w x 3.375" h x .0625" d
+ 2.0 oz

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