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815627014992 Stormtrooper™ Stash Bag

Stormtrooper™ Stash Bag

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Not available outside the U.S.

An homage to the original design of the Stormtrooper helmets. The overall pattern recalls the seemingly endless masses of Stormtroopers in the original trilogy series.

The Mighty Stash Bag is built to withstand whatever you throw in it or at it. Light, durable, and collapsible. The whimsical design is durable and built to withstand whatever you can throw in it or at it. Made from water resistant and tear resistant Tyvek® to insure a long life of use, and usability.


SB-020    UPC: 815627014992
+Engineered to be tear resistant, water resistant, thin and durable.
+1 zippered compartment
+ 4" in. x 4" in. x 4" in.
+ 0.1 oz

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